What is Plastik Magazine?

Plastik is a magazine of culture and things relating to creative culture. We represent the creative atmosphere of one of the world’s most vibrant cities – Cardiff. The city is upcoming and producing a vast amount of incredible creative talent. Plastik Magazine exists to document the flux of the city.

Where did the name come from?

Andy Warhol pioneered a revolution in art. He said ‘I want to be plastic.’ What Andy did was to mass-produce for the very first time. The idea of an art supermarket, where you might pop in to buy a can of Campbell’s soup for a ridiculous price – art for the masses and masses for the art.

50 years on and we find ourselves in a society of mass produced art. Here, production is king and DIY is the queen. Take part, make art and jump in for the ride.

Why is Plastik spelled with a ‘k’?

We’re fond of looking back at culture and tracing the path of some of the greatest works of art from the 20th century and seeing how they’re being innovated upon today. The ‘k’ represents the kitsch of that viewpoint.

Why is it pink?

Good question – a lot of people ask this. Pink is the colour of ‘Pop’. Neon pink is the most pop colour that you can get because it’s so outrageous, blaring and well… neon. Pop is what defines our brand and that’s why we’re so into it.


Marc Thomas

Founding Editor
Marc Thomas – Marc is a freelance journalist from Cardiff. He writes mostly about culture, design and publishing. You can find him writing here, on his personal blog or for clients of the publishing arm of Plastik Magazine, Plastik Content

E-mail: mt@plastik.me
Twitter: @iammarcthomas

Lloyd Griffiths

Other Writers
We also have many, many writers who contribute. They are all fantastic and we definitely think you should hire them to write for you too!