Review: Esuna – May You Be Well EP

Esuna: a spell in Final Fantasy that alleviates all ills (I think). Also, a band whose new EP alleviated my ill mood prior to sitting down to write this ‘ere review. If there’s one thing I like, it’s when something does what it says on the packet and then goes a little beyond.


This 5-track debut from the Cardiff four-piece has a distinctly assertive sound, confidently toeing the line between uplifting melodies and delightful grittiness.

Straight away, you are plunged into the high-energy mixpot of Sleep. ‘High energy?! Sleep?!’ I hear you say. Quite right you are with your interrobangs, but I can assure you that this song carries off tight guitars that serve to drive the more jaded lyrical content remarkably well.

The unpredictability of the songs’ structures never leave you ill-at-ease because some of the more stark contrasts between the elements of math rock and indie pop are carried with such effortlessness that it seems seamless. This is perfectly executed in the EP’s climax – Later Days – whereby the angst-ridden vocals meet instrumentation which seems set to soar, but settles on eventually lulling to a close.

So may you too be well, Esuna, in hope of more like this.

[disclaimer: I have never played Final Fantasy. Please don’t shoot me down for not knowing about status afflictions and health.]