Content: Magazine in a Day

6 October 2012

9am – late

Cardiff School of Journalism

Price: Very Free

18+ – Sorry, it goes on late


This event is for people who like magazines and working with creative people to put together great publications. We’re looking for writers, photographers, illustrators and designers to join us on 6 October to make a magazine – start to finish.

We’ll meet early to come up with the idea for the magazine and then work until the magazine is done.

This event will form part of the Cardiff Design Festival [] which is now in its 8th year.

Who is this for?

Writers – We need writers in order to make a magazine. If you’re looking to try your hand at making magazines and fancy playing a part in making a super cool magazine.

Illustrators and Designers – Cardiff is absolutely rammed with incredible designers, illustrators and visual communicators. We need your help too! We can’t make a magazine cool without you.

The public – We reckon that quite a lot of people like magazines *fingers crossed for our industry*. That’s why we’re also inviting the public to come along and get a snapshot of how a magazine is made. We’ll be announcing details of what this will look like soon.

How do you get in on the fun?

Easy! Just sign up for a ticket over here at our Eventbrite page!

Do I need to bring anything?

Not really. Obviously, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that magazine people use daily to do their jobs including dictaphones, cameras, coffee cups, laptops etc.

Fortunately,  we’re living in exciting times and you’ve probably got all that you need in your pocket right now. Your phone probably has a voice recorder (for interviewing), a camera (for… uh…photographs), a way to tweet (to stay in touch).

Even if it doesn’t have any of those things, you can still come.

Please bring a laptop of some kind, a power cable that fits it and a USB stick (if you’ve got one!)

Illustrators and Designers – don’t forget to bring anything you usually use to do your magic.

Photographers – It would be superlative if you could bring your camera.

In association with

Plastik Content builds an audience and a community around your brand based on good journalism, engaging content and social media.

The Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies is a world-leading centre for media teaching and research and has also agreed to play host to this event.

The Cardiff Design Festival Cardiff is convened and co-ordinated by Cardiff School of Art & Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University as an annual celebration of design with a programme of design related events that inform, inspire and provoke to shine a light on the importance of the design sector.