Flux is a good word

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The world is increasingly small. We’re socially integrated. I Facebook you and tell you that I’m going to be at Buffalo Bar. You reply to me via Twitter. @personidontknowbutwhoknowsyou tweets you back and says, ‘I’m going to be there too!’ Before I know it, @personidontknowbutwhoknowsyou becomes @davejones.

Our world is becoming really small.

At the same time, our lives are becoming remote and big. This week I’ve done some business with a person I’ve never met. I’ve learned about a place I’ve never been to. I’ve signed up to use businesses without a tangible product.

Our world is also getting bigger.

This is flux. The tension between bigger and smaller and that’s very much the feel of the creative culture in our city.

In some ways, we’ve become more introverted: Cardiff loves small business, great ideas that cut out the noise of life, meeting in community groups rather than at sell out concerts, festivals organised by individuals.

In other ways, we’re having big ideas: do it yourself, involve people from around the world, take a great idea from a different place, contextualise everything.

Probably one of the best signs of this is that we’ve put on more local festivals with global outlooks this year than ever before. I’ll name three shining examples: Soundtrack Festival, SWN Festival and Cardiff Design Festival.

Every moment of these events is a great sign that we’re becoming one of the most innovative capitals in Europe and that’s not even exaggerating.

But now the city needs support.

As with all ideas, once they get to a certain point, they need support, or they’ll break.

That’s why we love @CreativeCardiff who have been supporting the amazing work done by Cardiff’s innovators in culture (and also sponsoring Plastik over the last month).

With the city’s great big roster of events, @CreativeCardiff has helped to promote our new culture to a wider audience both in Wales and further afield.

Launching in London earlier this year, the organisation put Cardiff’s creativity in front of eyes in high places in one of the world’s biggest media centres. That was a good start.

Not only that, but they went on to promote the activity of festivals like Cardiff University’s Creative Minds and Madeinroath to a wider audience through the production of blogs, sending photographers to events and turning the spotlight onto creative culture in Cardiff so that their network of investors and decision makers get to see it.

That’s flux in action. We’re producing small things, organisations like @CreativeCardiff are taking them to the big world.

Let’s hope that they’re able to keep doing bigger and better things with the smaller, exciting things our cultural innovators are doing.

Stay Fantastic,