How to be more quotable

One of my principal goals in life is to have a Wikiquote page. I have always wanted to be the kind of person who says quotable things – the sort of stuff that will get printed on t-shirts one day. So far I have failed.

Regardless, I plough on with trying to be the quotable type just like Woody Allen or Andy Warhol or anyone else on an increasingly endless list of people who inspire me. My latest effort is: “If you want to get something done, do it yourself – but if you can’t do it yourself, you’ll need some help.”

That’s not a particularly catchy maxim. In fact, it’s kind of rubbish – not catchy enough and doesn’t have enough room to move in it. It’s certainly no: “I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work; I want to achieve immortality through not dying.” (See Woody Allen’s Wikiquote page for more gems).


You may have noticed that we’ve been talking an awful lot about small businesses and innovation and startups in Cardiff over the past month. That’s because we’ve been supporting and supported by Capital Cardiff – a conference organised by Cardiff Council and the South Wales Chamber of Commerce to help businesses (small and large) in our city.

Plastik has always been interested in entrepreneurs and small business. From our second year, we’ve been writing about cool ideas that people in our little city are having. We’ve covered everything from new cafes to app translators to our most recent piece on a man who has invented a 4D cinema tool (among other applications).

We write about these things because they’re vital for our city to keep being creative. If we’re going to be branded as a great place to live and to work, we also need to be branded as a place that it’s easy to create or to, cornily, follow your dreams.

That’s why we support Capital Cardiff who are supporting our goal: “Plastik is a magazine of culture and things relating to creative culture. We represent the creative atmosphere of one of the world’s most vibrant cities – Cardiff. The city is upcoming and producing a vast amount of incredible creative talent. Plastik Magazine exists to document the flux of the city.”

Not only is the city producing creative talent in the form of the arts but also in terms of entrepreneurship and business. We could list names of people who will benefit from conferences like Capital Cardiff, but this editorial would be ten times as long.

It’s not just the people who are already in business either. Many graduates feel like they’ve got to get a temp job or employed by one of the big accountancy firms just because that’s where the security is.

They’re right – there is a lot of security in a 9-5 office job. You will get paid at the end of each month. You will get your weekends off. You won’t have to worry about paying your bills – probably.

But there’s also the satisfaction of doing something for yourself when you leave university. Putting that 10 grand education to good use rather than doing telesales for a living. If you really like telesales or direct marketing, take a leaf out of Freshflow’s book and join us in the self-employed pool.

We’re building a great city and we’re only at the start. Events like Capital Cardiff give us all a boost – whether it’s the networking opportunities that you’re interested in, seminars on designing your business, social media or finding funding, or maybe it’s the pitching opportunities you’re looking forward to – there’ll be a lot of influential people in those rooms. Whatever it may be, Capital Cardiff is a boost for the startup community in South Wales. It’s a building block for our city that we’re proud to be celebrating on Plastik Magazine.

Let’s try to be quotable one more time: “If you’re going to build a city, you’re going to need some bricks.” That’s a maxim I can live by – and hopefully it’ll land me my first Wikiquote… wink, wink.

Stay Fantastic,