Lust List: Adam J. Kurtz Internet Gift Shop

Adam J. Kurtz is one of those rare people who has managed to keep his own style and identity on the internet. While other designers and artists are following trends, making everything look incredibly sleek, Kurtz – who works and lives in New York, New York – has avoided the hype and concentrated on making the best representation of himself in web form.

And if his website is anything to go by, he seems kind of great.

Although his clients include The New York Times, Urban Outfitters, Warner Music Group, AARP, TheStreet, and more, you are able to get a little piece of his individual psyche/work by logging onto his ‘Internet Gift Shop’ and paying just a few dollars.

Here are three of my favourite pieces:

Good job at still being alive


Now you can have a medal for still being alive. It’s a tough task. It’s sold out at the moment but $5… you know.

Index Cards


I laughed a lot at these. My desk and wall is filled with short stacks of index cards that I have written ideas, quotes or drawn pictures on – mostly, they’re self congratulatory. So, this would be perfect for me.

Brain Subscription


Look: Rent is really high in New York. Help Adamjk out and try to buy one of his brain subscriptions where he’ll send you all sorts of interesting things four times a year. Sold out due to demand on his brain, but in the future, maybe you’ll be able to have a piece.

See more of Adam’s work and life here: