Stream Dancers Brand New EP on Plastik

It’s always nice when your favourite new band affirms your faith and their talent by at last putting a run of songs together in the more tangible form of an EP or album. In the case of Cardiff, Denbigh, Leeds, London and a few other places’ Dancers, we’d be hard pushed to describe them as a favourite new band, even if with their new EP they may be to you.

The record, titled What You Want I Can’t Get It All But What I Do I Do It All For You has been well over 2 years in the making and the band dates back to a Uni bedroom project in the mind of frontman/songwriter Dafydd Myddleton all the way back in 2010. They played sprinkles of gigs with a full formed band (numbering anywhere from 1-6 people) as the ideas that form the new material began to develop until late 2011, when Daf’s upping of sticks to Canada made the recording and mastering process significantly harder, unsurprisingly.

“This record has actually been a long time coming. We’ve spoken before about being quite spread out over the planet and how it really delayed this release. It turns out that trying to finish a record over email is quite hard after all. “


Recorded over several months (by a man I’m told, who is merely called ‘Alun’, the lengthened process does show – but not in pragmatic terms, rather in the thoroughly recrafted and honed sound, particularly how well the production matches the mood of the songs. The delayed gratification is all the more satisfying for now long-time listeners but the confidence of the new songs immediately demonstrates to newbies just how long these ideas have been gestating and improving.

As punchily-pavementy brilliant as their early songs were, the tunes here are a step up – confident noise-pop that is affecting yet understated in its melancholic melodies.

You can see them live next week at Four Bars @ Dempseys in Cardiff on Saturday 26th July. It should be a long awaited celebration for fans and friends of the band and having see them perform a free set at Gwdihw in late May, it’s a guarantee it will be worthwhile going. For now – enjoy the EP below or download it to listen at your leisure from