Yasiin Gaye: The Departure – Free Download

“I remember hearing Mos Def rhyme the alphabet
I just sat there in silence
As a sign of respect
I knew what I had to do
And that’s what happened next
I rhymed the periodic table to stay one step ahead”

— Scroobius Pip, Development

Let’s face it, Scroobius Pip is kind of cool. But he’s no Mos Def. For years, I assumed being able to rhyme the periodic table was really great and when you hear him do it, it’s pretty impressive.

But Mos Def wrote The Ecstatic. Track after track of pure genius. From opener ‘Supermagic’ to less popular but none the less formidable ‘The Embassy.’ That’s just one of his albums too.

But better than Mos Def is a mashup album of Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) and interstellar soul brother Marvin Gaye.

Better still is when it’s free.

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