Zines! – a living history project


Zines are magical little pieces of a person’s interest in a topic. They’re put together with love and mostly, they’re done with no motivation other than just to do a cool thing.

Wales has a rich history of zines and in both of our languages, whether political or strictly light hearted, music or non-music related, we need to preserve this art form.

After a little bit of research, I have not yet discovered a comprehensive collection of zines from Welsh history but I want to change that.

I’m trying to build up an archive of people who have made zines in order to be able to begin digitising these wonderful publications or at least build a living history of the makers.

Please spread the form below as widely as you can. If you know of a zine or publication that you have loved or, even better, made yourself, please fill out the below. You can enter details as many times as you like. I might contact you to get more info about the publication but obviously, if you’re not up for that, just let me know.



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